Running on Hope

After a long weekend, Monday rolled around again. One thing about K not working it’s makes the weekends endless, is waiting to hear feedback on his latest job interview (of course the interview was on Friday, and they left us hanging). Everyday seems to be well just another day. Running keeps us from going crazy with the hurry up and wait game.   Monday is usually a rest day after a weekend full of running and events.  Our go to weekend running plans are typically, Saturday a 5K and Sunday a long run or a half marathon (one of these days we will run more than 13 miles).  This weekend we ran the Reindeer Dash10K on Saturday and Sunday we decided to rest.  We casually mentioned a longer run on Sunday, but we were both tired from the week coming off of Thanksgiving, Space Coast Half marathon, and running 4 days last week. So today a fresh start to the week and month of December was in order.  

            Most people dread Monday’s.  Not me, I love Monday’s and here’s why…Monday represents a sense of renewal A new week of high hopes life untangles itself.   Monday is Kinda a do over day. This year’s challenges dangled our entire life in front of our eyes and each Monday is the start of a new week as we hang on to hope by a thread.  Our Running regimen helped cast hope each and every day.  Monday is a special day, it’s the reset day.  Running helps us conquer the job loss, depression and overwhelming feelings of anxiety.  Today’s run was dedicated to the universe in hopes we catch that break we so desperately need in the new job department. There are four Monday’s left in the year, let’s take the time to reflect on our running and life goals this past year.  As the year winds down we make new goals for next year.  

            The goal for this blog in the New Year is to bring together a supportive running community where we can all inspire each other and create the best versions of ourselves.   That’s what made the difference from depression and worry to hopeful was meeting new friends in the running community. What do you want to accomplish next year?  Do you want to crush your personal best in road race, or just get started with this positive sport? Running is more than just a sport and offers so much to a healthy physical and mental health.  Let’s run on the hope for a better 2019.