Workout Monday

Today’s workout consisted of a 40-minute strength training session. I like to mix it up every week to keep it fresh. This workout kicked my butt! But I feel great!! When I first began this workout, I started with the 40-minute version. I completed the entire workout but didn’t get back do it again for about a month. I talk a lot about starting out slow. Meet you where you are. Why? If you start out like gang busters and tell yourself, “I can do this.” No doubt you can do it, but the key is can you stay with it?

The key is consistency. Starting out slow and building up to the 40-minute version will help you stay on track. You want to feel it. You want to hurt some, not a lot, but some. Where are you in your living your health lifestyle? Are you just beginning? Do you suffer from depression and anxiety?

Research says exercise is a great way to combat depression and anxiety. It’s true. However, it’s consistent exercise. Just like when your doctor prescribes you an anti-depressant pill. You must stay consistent in taking the pill every day. If you don’t take it consistently you may experience serious side effects or feel worse. Consistent exercise has more benefits to help with depression and anxiety. The key is to take your exercise pill every day. You may suffer some side effects such as: feeling better, more energy throughout the day. Some of the negative side effects are: your arms and legs feel tight. Other than that, can you live with a few hours of soreness? It’s all a mindset. Your mind is the most powerful muscle in the body and if you use it correctly it can bring many great benefits.

What workout did you complete today?