Group Therapy

Running brings people together in so many ways. In July K. and I formed a running group in our neighborhood. Not that we were bored with each other, we wanted to meet other runners.  I had a fear of joining a running group because I’m such a slow runner. What I found out is if you run with others it’s ok to run at different levels, and someone is willing to stick with me. Somedays the legs feel great and I can keep up and other days the legs feel like I cement bricks are attached, but nevertheless I still run.  We have fun conversations and lots of laughs. 

            I posted on the Treasure Coast running forum we were looking for others to run in Hobe Sound, Florida.  I received a few people interested but some didn’t like running at 5:15am.  Not all people are morning runners and that’s okay. The day we started we had one person show up and then in the next few weeks our group grow to five to six runners. The excitement of getting up at 4:00 am twice a week is an addiction.  When the alarm goes off I know I have committed myself to run.  If it was just K. and I when the alarm went off it was always a crap shoot if we would get up.  Oh, the excuses were rampant.  Not when we run with the group, because they count on their leaders to show up. Mornings are still tough to get out of bed but once our feet hit the floor, lace up, head out the door, and see the smiles it’s all worth it.  

            I noticed if I have a trouble brewing in my head it affects my running performance. I don’t even have to tell anyone I have a problem the unspoken support and comfort that comes from these individuals feels amazing.  I am an introvert but I love to hang out with people and running is one of those activities where it doesn’t matter if someone is an introvert or extrovert. I’m allowed to be me.  I can jam out to music and run behind someone or turn my music off and talk and run side by side.  The best part of the group is it’s a judgement free zone.  It’s true group therapy where you can be you and feel accepted.