Garden of Life: Sun Run 5K Challenge

A successful and sold out 4thannual Garden of Life: Sun Run 5K challenge event.  This event held at PGA national Champion golf club in Palm Beach Gardens and our 2ndyear running this race.  It has become one of our favorites.  Not only does this race come with a race shirt and medal at the finish line it also comes with over $300 worth of Garden of Life products. That more than pays for several races we ran this year!  I always enjoy running an event with a purpose, and this race benefited “Special Olympics,” which raised $50,000 for this great organization to continue the work they do.  Amazing! 

            Let’s talk about the race.  It was fun and well organized. As I said above this was the 4thannual Sun Run 5k challenge. And what a challenge it was.  The course was on the Champion golf course of PGA national (home of the Honda Classic and the famous Bear trap). A light breeze and sunshine kept the weather tolerable for a 7:30am start.  The few hills around this course made it challenging.  I saw a guy huff and puff his way to the finish then said, “Wow, I feel like I just ran a marathon.”  I’ve run this course before although some of the hills had my legs screaming to stop it wasn’t that bad. 

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            What can I say about the “goody bag” this year?  Wow, wow, wow!  We struck gold with all that loot.  The goody bag contained a big container of plant based protein powder each along with three different smaller containers of Whey protein flavors each and 4 boxes each of protein bars (super yummy), vitamins, and an energy/focus drink. Garden of Life rocked the “Goody bag.”  Breakfast after the race was delicious (it was a PGA National Resort/SPA, and their catering staff ROCK!!)   With everybody sticking around for the refreshments it was it was hard to navigate the unorganized lines for the food.  Plus, seating seemed limited as a lot of the food ran out quick. Other than that, it was a perfect race and was enjoyed by all. I’m looking forward to next year’s 5thannual Garden of Life Sun Run 5K challenge. 

            If you want to get in on this run sign up early.  It’s been a sell out every year!  See you all in 2020. 

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  1. kevin says:

    I had fun. I would have liked to win the car… maybe next year.

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