GAME ON: Singer Island Half Marathon and 10

Singer Island Half Marathon/10K Bling

South Florida has many scenic and beautiful places to run and this weekend we experienced Singer Island as one of the most breathtaking spots.  We ran Singer Island’s half marathon back in 2016 when Multi Race Events managed this race. April is usually the start of the hot humid weather and when we ran this race in 2016 it was a killer weather day.  I remember we ran this race a few weeks before Kevin’s bariatric surgery, at a super slow pace, but completed it.  In 2017, we ran the 10k and at a much faster pace and ½ the distance. Past few years Multi race events managed this race and last year the race was canceled. However, this year back by popular demand a sold-out Singer Island half marathon and 10K race was back on, as Game On Events took over the reins. A perfect weather day was on tap for this late April race, humidity low and temps at the start a nice 60 degrees (perfect South Florida morning).  

Singer Island

            The half marathon scheduled for a 6 am start time didn’t get the all clear from the Riveria Beach police delayed the half marathoners about 15 minutes. I’m not sure how many runners ran the half marathon but the numbers weren’t overwhelming, the 10k seemed to have about the same amount, of runners. The event was posted as sold out, I’m sure Riviera Beach had a limit because of traffic on a Saturday morning. 

             Every event has glitches this race wasn’t any different. As I said above the half marathon was delayed about 15-20 minutes.  Most of the race events I’ve attended rile up the crowd with music especially if there is a delay.  The announcer spoke in between “Another a few minutes to start time,” and the corral was got restless waiting for the next few minutes that seemed to go on for more than a few minutes.  Runners had done their warm ups, were loose and ready to rock.  Nothing worse than standing around after a warm up just to get stiff.  

            Once the half marathoners got clearance and the gun went off the 10K runners were also delayed.  The 10k scheduled for a 6:15AM start time stood around in the corral from 6:15AM to almost 6:40AM.  The runners were more than anxious to get moving some pacing back and forth wanting to get on the course.  The gun set off the 10K as the sun started to rise.  If the race started on time runners would have seen the sunrise on the Blue Heron Bridge (which I think was the plan).  What a disappointment. 

             The course changed from the previous years the start line was in the back near the beach (which was also the finish line) instead of in the front near the 7-11. We then took a right onto A1A about a ½ mile to the turn around and headed toward the Blue Heron Bridge.  Once up and over the bridge we made a left into a hidden gem of a neighborhood. Around mile 3 there was some confusion around the neighborhood as one course marshal pointed one way and one another way.   Once back at the bridge we ran under it and then back over.   By mile 4 the course seemed a bit short and once we left the bridge and headed around near Sailfish neighborhood we headed back to the finish.  Once I crossed the finish line my Garmin read 6.04 miles (short by .25 miles for a 10K) my husband who ran the half marathon his Garmin read 13.04 miles (not as short but still short).  But plenty of water stops and support along the way in anticipation of a hot day was spread out every mile. 

             I hope Game On gets the kinks out and accurately looks at the course next year. This race is beautiful and I would hate it to ruined by a few glitches.  Post-race food and water were plentiful.  Hope to see you next year as I know it will be a great run.