Cool Running

 Three- thirty am I stumbled to the bathroom, groaned at the realization the alarm set for 4 am would buzz in half an hour. I climbed back into bed decided an extra fifteen minutes would do the trick, so I reset the alarm for 4:15 am.  I wasn’t ready to leave the toasty bed and get up for a run. I thought the extra fifteen minutes would give me time to wake up.  It didn’t I still spent an additional five minutes in bed nodding off.  The positive about running with a group is they keep me accountable. The latest I can stay in bed without being late is 4:30 am.  Once the friendly reminder is sent the evening before and the group members confirm they will show up, I’m in. No turning back or rolling over in bed thinking maybe tomorrow I’ll go for a run.  

            This morning I forced myself out of the warm bed put on a few layers, brushed my teeth, took the dogs out, and out the door to meet the group.  People might think we are crazy wearing layers in 53 degree weather.  Folks up north are jealous and tell me 53 degrees they wear shorts and tank tops. Not in Florida, 53 degrees requires at least three layers: a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve tech shirt, and a sweat shirt, with long yoga pants, and gloves. I should have brought my winter hat; my ears were cold.  When my ears are cold they hurt. 

            Go ahead laugh, 53 degrees in Florida feels like 30 degrees up north. We are lucky we don’t get frost or snow, so I can’t complain that much.   It was cold this morning. The cool weather is a nice change from the hot and humid.  When it’s hot and humid you can only take off so much clothing. Have to admit it felt good, and by the time I reached the beach I ditched the sweatshirt and gloves. Yes, I had on a pair of gloves. The bright side and the message for today is get out of bed and go for a crisp cool run. It will wake up your brain and body and you won’t regret it, especially when you have a group of dedicated people you meet at 5:15 am.